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If you desire to feel the texture of the amazing leather used in making these handmade items, please ask for a sample in the color(s) you are considering. Kathleen can have it to you within a week!


suede bag
suede purse
handmade suede pouch
suede pocket
suede trim
suede lining
handmade suede purse


Leather Bags

Dance Bag ~ Kathleen's signature bag
DB: The leather-lined Dance Bag is small at just 3" x 4-5/8" when closed but can also be used for a passport using an inside snap and lengthening it to 4 5/8 x 6. It also has two outside snaps for expansion. There is just one credit card slot but it will stretch to accomodate many cards and license (mine in expanded a whole inch!) The inside zipper pocket can be used for change, lipstick or keys when out on the town!

leather dance bag

Leather Dance Bag

leather dance bag

The 60" leather string strap can easily be shortened by just tying it and cutting off the excess. Or convert to wear around the waist when dancing by pulling the leather strings through the holes to tightness desired and bow-tying them under the flap.

DB1: Snakeskin or special effects extra.

leather suede

Leather Dance Bag special effects
Seude Dance Bag special effects

naked leather purse
leather passport bag

Passport Bag
PS: For your passport! Slip it inside or into the back pocket. Velcro closure on flap. Measures 5" x 4-3/8". Removable nylon cord strap is made to whatever length you designate. Can be worn around neck for overseas travel, as a bag over the shoulder, or hands-free around the waist. Undetectable under sweater or jacket. Leather is preferable but can be made in suede.

Leather Passport Bag (L)
Seude Passport Bag (S)

naked leather purse

Crescent Bag
CB: Size is aproximately 3" x 8" inside useable space, with a 4-inch gusset. The short strap allows you to tuck the bag under your arm. Made in suedes only with small card pocket inside. Inside backed in suede for greater durability.

Seude Crescent Bag (S)


suede crescent bag

All the following bags have a window card pocket inside. They are signed by Kathleen, named and numbered on the Dupioni silk lining Dupioni silk lining under the window.
The Draw System: when a bag has weight in it and one picks up the straps, it closes by itself.
suede slip bag

Slip Bag
SB: This one is flapless. Measuring 6 inches high by 4" x 5", it is my smallest bag next to the dance bag. A great evening bag! The straps are not adjustable so you will need to let me know how long you want them.

Seude Slip Bag (S)

suede Dupioni silk lining

naked leather purse

Back Bag
BB: This is my version of the popular back pack. As you look at it, the bag measures 4" across the top of the flap, 7" across the bottom of the bag, and 8" high. The gusset expands from 6" at the top to 3" at the base to allow easy access. Outside back zipper pocket; brass or nickel toggle closure. Thin straps widen at the shoulder. They can be shortened by tying them at the front hole and cutting with scissors. Please advise if you are an extra tall woman!

Leather Back Bag (L)

leather Dupioni silk lining

leather back bagtop
naked leather bag

leather gap bag, suede flap

Gap Bag
GB: This popular bag is 5-3/8" x 6" x 5". It has a sweet feature...I turned the pocket on the back vertical for ease in putting cell phone, keys, or sunglasses in. Adjustable strap, as above. Please indicate button, toggle, velcro or magnetic closure.

Leather Gap Bag (L)

GB1: Back zipper pocket horizontal.

Leather Gap Bag (L)

leather suede Dupioni silk lining

zipper options
leather gap bag
naked leather

Trip Bag
TB: A slightly different shape, this bag measures 5 inches across the top, 9" across the bottom, 6" high and 3" deep. Outside zipper pocket is horizontal, strap is adjustable. Nice details can be achieved by buttons, flaps can be done in special effects leathers. Colors can be combined as can leather and suedes. Please indicate button, toggle, velcro or magnetic closure.

Leather Trip Bag (L)

leathersuedeDupioni silk lining

leather trip bag, suede flap

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